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Make a Difference for today’s Crimson & Gold

The future is bright…because of brothers like you.

Today, Kappa Alpha Order is stronger than ever before. More than 8,000 active members serve on over 125 campuses across our nation. And the numbers just keep growing.

Program spotlight

Shaping KA One Chapter at a Time

Province Councils are the Order’s program vehicle to deliver standardized leadership education for all officers and the most important committee chairmen of each chapter. Province Council curriculum builds on themes from the Number I’s Leadership Institute and empowers the chapter officers to assist the Number I in operations and accountability.

Donor Spotlight

Meet KA Alum Walter L. Dowdle

Walter Dowdle, Beta Tau Chapter class of ’63, has a KA story that reflects so many of our own. What started as a desire to see the undergraduate KA experience became a journey that would shape his principles, guide his life, and form friendships with KA men who’ve remained close and loyal to this day.