Over 150 years of Brotherhood…

Meet KA Alum Walter L. Dowdle

Walter Dowdle, Beta Tau Chapter class of ’63, has a KA story that reflects so many of our own. What started as a desire to see the undergraduate KA experience became a journey that would shape his principles, guide his life, and form friendships with KA men who’ve remained close and loyal to this day.

“Those Brothers — and KA’s principles and values, and its ideals of the gentlemen as expressed in our spiritual founder, Robert E. Lee — were my reasons for pledging,” Walter said, recalling his own initiation experience. “But I couldn’t have known then all that KA would mean to me down through the years.”

Walter, now a petroleum engineer in Houston, Texas, looks back on his entire KA undergraduate experience with fondness and pride. He served his chapter as #4 and #9. He even ended up married to a KA Rose. “I really remain proud of that.” And to this day, when he reconnects with one of his Beta Tau brothers, it’s as if no time has passed.

But what makes KA so special — and why it has the power to shape generation after generation of men with high moral character — is because “It’s not just a fraternity. It’s an Order.” The difference, Walter explains, is that KA was formed in a different time, when the emphasis on ideals and principles created a legacy and tradition that have survived the intervening years. “We have this tradition that’s lasted since 1865, and we’ve stood by that. These principles don’t change.”

That timelessness, he says, is something to be proud of, and it’s something we need to uphold and pass on to the generations to come. And that’s why it’s so critical that we stand together to support our Order financially.

“I know that my brothers know what KA means. They lived it and they’re still living it. If we can give that opportunity to some other men, why wouldn’t we?” He stops to consider that, then concludes, “Our legacy is powerful, and this is a legacy we can help other young men to be a part of.”